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Fiesta 2018 (Zetec) Door Handle Adjustment

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I've noticed that, on most cars, there's a 0.5mm to 1.0mm gap between the fixed part of the door handle and the moving part (the bit you grab hold of). When I took delivery of my Fiesta 2018 Zetec last year I noticed there was virtually no gap on any of the doors and, within a few weeks, the paint had worn off the moving part where the two halves were rubbing. I had it repaired under warranty but the dealership said it wasn't possible to adjust the gap so, as expected, the paint has worn off again.

Both the fixed part and the moving part feel as though they're mounted on rubber bushes as it is possible to (gently!) force a gap by pulling sideways on either part of the handle. The same applies to all four doors.

I was speaking to a guy in a car park (who "caught" me examining his door handles!) and, when I explained the problem on my car, he said he was a mechanic and the gap IS adjustable.  The people at the dealership assure me the gap isn't adjustable so my question is who is right?




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