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Eric Bloodaxe

Mk 8 - doors locked, mirrors not folding

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Spotted a few topics on this but not specific to the Mk 8. Anyway, took the Mrs for a medical appointment this morning, came back, locked the car, looked out of the window and saw mirrors unfolded and puddle lights illuminated. So, checked the doors which were all fully closed and locked. Next unlocked and relocked the car, same thing - doors firmly locked but mirrors unfolded/puddle lights on. Eventually went round the car opening and reclosing each door firmly several times - relocked the car and all good again. Can only assume some dirt etc on one of the latches was stopping the circuit completing properly - I'll have a thorough look and clean if necessary if the rain ever stops.

Just thought it worth mentioning as we often look for complicated causes for faults which can sometimes turn out to be something simple.

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