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ESC Service required

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H123B2782-7975-4326-9B81-9E16BEF43237.thumb.jpeg.8f44ba999c80a737a4fc2459eba42030.jpegi there. 

I have a 66 plate S-Max and every now and then I get the following warnings on the dash:


ESC Service Required 

Check Park Pilot

Hill start assist not available 


the warning lights ABS and traction control (car skidding and car skidding with OFF underneath)


there does not seem to be any difference in driving and after a few seconds all the warnings disappear  


the car has just had a service and nothing has been highlighted  


any ideas?


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I have a late 2015 and mine is doing the same. I’m hoping my friend will bring his snap on code reader home very soon, to check for codes. Has your car been in for the battery terminal recall. Mines has done it ever since then. 

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Car was put on the scanner tool tonight. Fault showing as front r/h speed sensor. Mechanic reckons that it’s a corroded  cable, giving the fact the fault is intermittent. Will try and have a look over the weekend. 

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