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Ford Fiesta MK7.5 Rear Bumper Questions


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Hi guys, I’m new to this forum and had a few questions relating to my car itself and some modifications I would like to do to it. At this is my first car, I’m a bit lost when it comes to Fords specifications. Any help would be appreciated.


I’m looking to change the rear bumper on my Fiesta Titanium (66 reg) to the ST style bumper and change the rear spoiler also. I have tried to research and found some help but any questions answered are appreciated. I’ve attached some pictures of my current car (excuse the state of the picture, I cannot get a better as I am out) and the style I am aiming for seen on another post on this site. 

What MK is my car? I believe it is MK7.5 but can’t be 100%. It is a Fiesta Titanium 66 reg if that helps


What are rear splats? I’ve seen these mentioned on posts previously relating to the rear bumper fitment.


Will the parts in the screenshot fit my current car, replacing the matte grey plastic part or will I have to replace the full rear bumper.

Bonus: If someone could explain to me fully how I could achieve the look I am going for, given the current parts I have, that would be amazing.


Thanks in advance! 🙂

PS Sorry for shocking photo quality, site wont let me upload more than 2MB. My car is the one with the bikes, as you can see it does not have the lines on the rear bumper corners as others do







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57 minutes ago, ryanholdenjh said:

What are rear splats? 


''Spats'' are the small corner sections, under the red light/reflector......You'll need a pair of them if you go ahead with the mod and they will need painting to match.

With how old the car is, there's a big chance you might come across the same coloured bumper as yours, with the spats & under valance, best look around eBay.



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24 minutes ago, Ian Lanc said:

So the bumper with the splats can simply be swapped for my current one without splats? And after that it’s as simple as swapping the diffuser? Thanks

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I actually would like to do the same for mine, it's got the grey bumper like the photo you have uploaded if it's possible to change over, but i have an 2014 Ford Fiesta Ecoboost Titanium.

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With modern bumpers it's a case of not rushing in, but get to know the location of the clips & screws and do it steadily.

Just sourcing genuine ford spats & diffuser can be expensive, then the spats need painting and gluing on, even more expense, though with this route you still have the original bumper.

I've seen the ST line rear bumper for just £90 and it was mint, so it's just a case of keep looking until your colour comes up.



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