Stephen Henderson

Clutch B Stuck Engaged

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Hi first time on this forum with my wife's car. any help greatly apricated. I will try to keep it short and to the point. 


Unable to select reverse gear, just revs like its in neutral ( screen says R ) ,  driving forward very jerky/riding the clutch

turn the car of and wait 10 mins and retry same problem.  also noticed sometimes while turn off / back on car would not start, could hear a click from what sounded like the gearbox but then nothing. battery was replaced <100mi ago, earthing points also improved at the same time by sanding paint off.  

Can change thought the forward gear while driving, however feels very jerky / riding clutch. 

unable to use sports mode


2014 Ford Focus, 1.6 petrol. Automatic, approx. 70k on clock 


Error codes

P287A - Clutch B Stuck Engaged

P087A - Clutch Position Sensor B Circuit


Have tried swapping the x2 Clutch actuator motors, reset gearbox ( Credit: Ford Focus Auto Transmission reset(see description)/Ford Tcm Reset - )

left the car overnight, next day started fine drove fine, reverse, fine no problems at all. then.... approx. 30mi later after multiple starts/stops same problem and same error code re-appeared. 


Thanks ! 




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the warranty was increased to 5 years on these due to known faults in the box, the control module, the clutch and the software....  USA and Australia got a recall and all replaced for free.  In the UK the dealers were all told to pretend they know nothing about it.... hence few knew of the extension

2017 model year, post July 2016 build, were the first ones that had all bugs and faults removed

from memory  
2012 or earlier had a faulty gearbox case that gave an oil leak exacerbating the nasty friction material faults early ones got 
by 2014 the control module, software and clutch material was still suspect... if you don't damage it by using, then the gearbox should have been ok.
2015 they tried the 3rd revision of clutch material and some software updates
late 2016 they finally managed to get all right


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thanks you for you reply, sounds like this is going to be a bit of a mine field and quite £££ 

Ford wants £125  for  diagnostics 😞 


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Hi Stephen, yes your veh has the transmission manufactured by Getrag called the Getrag Powershift 6DCT250, this is the one with DRY clutches that cost Ford millions of pounds in court cases and repair costs in the USA. Loads of americans purchased automatics, whereas much less so in uk and europe

Do some search on Google, loads of info on there about your trans - there may be a remote chance of assistance from Ford dealer or Ford Motor Company

Send an e mail to Andy Barrat CEO of Ford Motor Co, he handles complaints 

Other than that you need a specialist repairer

I am not recommending them, just an example

Note: do not compare your transmission with the Wet Clutch Transmission 6DCT450 which is fitted to higher powered Fords like FocusST and Mondeo and Volvo

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