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Focus st225 instrument cluster pin outs

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Now I've changed my car to a mk2 focus st I've been getting involved in the dry solder issue on these speedo clusters (repaired 3 so far) 

I'd love to know if anyone can advise me on the pinouts of this panel please, so I can put it on a bench power supply and test before fitting to the cars. 

Can anyone help please, I can't get my head round the wiring  diagrams on the haynes manuals. 


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Hello Tim, welcome to the Ford Owners Club.

There is no single point on the instrument cluster that you could apply power and just test the unit. Moden day instrument clusters are controlled by many signals and to fully test that all was working you would need to build a test rig to simulate the car.

You can test individual LED's on the instrument cluster by using a decent multimeter switched to the diode test range. It will be a case of trial and error but as you find the connection point for say the handbrake LED with the multimeter then the LED will light up. As far as testing the dials they are tiny steppermotors and so you would need a driver circuit to get these to move correctly.

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