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Engine Malfunction light then loss of all power


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2007 Ford Galaxy Zetec TDCI 2.0

Can anyone help?

I was driving at 60-70mph when the engine malfunction warning light came on. (Prior to this no other warning lights had come on). Immediately after this the car lost all power and stalled. 

The car would not re-start.

The car was recovered.  The mechanic put the OBD diagnostic tool on the car and it was  showing as MAF sensor.  I replaced the sensor but this has made no change to the state of the car.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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Hello Richard, have you cleared the DTC since you replaced the MAF sensor ? Normally a failed MAF sensor would not stop the engine dead, so I suspect that was a bit of a red herring.

You need to use a good code reader (not all of them can read all of the Ford specific codes on a 2007 vehicle) and see if there are any other DTC's logged.

If you unplug the mass air flow sensor the car will start. If you try to plug it in while it's running the car will die

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Hi thanks for your reply. 

I have ordered a OBD scanner with the Forscan so hping that this will show any hidden codes.

Car still only turns over but refuses to start.

Didn't think it would be the MAF sensor but as this was logged as a fault it was a cheap item to change to see if it cured the problem.

Any further assistance would be appreciated.

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