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Ford SMAX Auto-sensing headlight adjustment.


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Hi all,


I have a UK SMAX, TitaniumX, 2.0 Duratec, 2012 Model. It has the auto-sensing load adjustment for the front headlights, when the boot is loaded or towing (rather than having a manual switch on the dashboard). I now have a spare tyre in the boot (I had an issue last year where I got a puncture and the inflation kit was worse than useless, and having to try and get it sorted on a campsite!!) and the front lights don't seem to be adjusting down enough to compensate. Is there a way to adjust please?





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If it's auto height levelling Bi-Xenon headlights then no, there isn't a manual way to adjust.

This is on the assumption that they were correctly adjusted beforehand on the mounting adjusters (would have failed MOT if it wasn't...but I've never seen an MOT tester check the aim of my Xenon's). How does the beam spread/aim look? are people flashing you (more than normal)? I don't think the spare wheel would make the rear go down enough really, it's only 15-20 kg.

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Yes, with spare in boot, get flashed a lot 😞

Since spare was added.....

I'll have to check it.



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5 hours ago, SiW0020 said:

Just passed it's MOT, so should have been sorted in that? (if a sensor was an issue)

Was the spare wheel in the boot at time of the test? 

As above, some testers aren't very thorough and don't check the beam height properly so I'd still double check the sensors personally.

You can't adjust the height of both beams manually so if it's not a sensor fault and it's not a single headlight fault (one side sitting high) then you'll need a garage to use their beam tester and manually adjust each light unit individually to the correct level.


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