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MK7 Transit Engine Cuts Out While Driving


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Hi All, 

I'm new to this forum and I have a major problem with my van that I hope your expertise can help me solve! I will try to give as much detail as I can to assist but if there is anything else you need please ask! I will attach photos of the invoice with the list of problems.

Vehicle: 2011 2.2L LWB Ford Transit. 

Problem: After approximately 5-15 minutes of driving (from cold) the engine will cut out. When I turn the key it cranks but does not start. If I wait 15-30 minutes it will start again but will last only a few minutes. My (truck and diesel) mechanic initially thought they solved it by replacing the in-tank fuel pump (as it was contaminated), replaced the suction control valve and fitted a new pump relay. After this it seemed to drive OK (I don't think their road test was long enough though). When I took it back to them, they took it apart but could not find any issue and could not replicate the fault. They believe it is an electrical problem. So I have taken it to an auto-electrician but he is finding it difficult to find any electrical issue. He seems to think that it is a mechanical issue and has something to do with the valve timing because of the way the starter motor sounds when attempting to start. He then thought it may be an exhaust issue and took it to an exhaust specialist but that didn't seem to be the issue either. 

The mechanics discovered this issue while the van was in for major repairs for other problems: Whilst driving, when the speed was around 100km/h the car would start to intermittently jerk and there was also loud ratting sounds. Mechanics discovered the centre carrier bearing had collapsed and the drive shaft coupling was also damaged. They removed tail shaft and fitted new centre bearing and drive shaft coupling with new bolts. I took it back from them 5 weeks and $4000 (Australian dollar) later but as I was driving away I discovered that it would not go into 2nd gear. So they kept it for another few weeks and I had to spend another $1000 to fix. So, as you can tell, I am very concerned as it has the experts stumped. Really hope someone here can help!!


Thank you

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Tried to upload all the photos at once but it wouldn't let me, sorry!

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