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Car runs like dog dirt after new injectors, weird beeping/ grinding noise from engine bay


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Hey guys,

I had my injector #1 crap itself and leave me stranded on the motorway a while ago and I recently put a reconditioned injecotr in (from reputable website, exect same model) and coded it in with my tunnelrat and forscan.

I know new injectors take time to 'bed in' but the idle is so uneven and it missfires (i think?) at like 2k rpm and smokes a tonne. Not to mention the horrible grinding noise you can hear in these videos I took

I've blanked off my EGR and reinstalled it and done everything uptight. I did a static leak-off test (don't have to time to do a proper one right now) and got a couple of inches in #3 & #4 but that's it.

Pic is FRP from test.

What do you guys make of this?

WhatsApp Image 2022-03-28 at 6.38.59 PM.jpeg

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It's obviously misfiring, which injector are you calling no.1...

Some are from Left some are from right,as in physical position 

Did you scan again to verify code wrote in ?

Mark All injector 1-4with tipex or marker so u dont mix up.

Try put previous injector back in and remove what u think is no4 replace it with New injector and leave codes...start car and see if it runs right.

If not replace all original order and swap out your no.1 from firing order....

You might be just back to front on numbers-PSA engines are from right to left(2.0l)

phsyical order while Ford are Left to right (1.6l)...



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my number one (as per firing order) is on the drivers side which has a exact replacement with a refurbed part.

I used forscan to recode it with the codes provided with the new injector. The old injector #1 was totally shot and leakin all my fuel pressure so that's a no go.

it seemed to have some air in the system but it bled itself out by the end of the videobut now i have that weird buzzing noise? I dont suppose youve ever heard of anything like that before?

What part sounded like a missifre? I've had missfire before but only at 2k rpm under load



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Next time you do a leak Off test, you must cap the open pipes with those white caps that came with the kit, to prevent air in the fuel system

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I capped them off but It doesnt seem I did it perfectly. 
Is that Buzzing sound one of my injectors freaking out you think?

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I could only hear an occasional quack' sound that has me puzzled 'cos my Mondy does it too but less frequently than yours. 

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I wonder if it is the sound of my new injector bedding in or one of the other three on their way out...

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