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Mondeo mk3 front ARB bush


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What ho one and all,


My first posting is a tricky one!!!

Mondeo Mk 3 2.0 TDCI dated Aug 2003.  Want to replace the front anti-roll bar bushes.  From CatCar, 7Zap and a chat with a Fords Parts Dept. have what is supposed to be the correct part number and bought a set of Delphi bushes, Ford part number 1118695.

Struggled to remove the OS bush (limited room so lowered the sub-frame) only to find that the new bush is different to the one I removed.  New seems to be for a 19mm ARB with flats; the original is for 22mm ARB with no flats.  But the original has a hump in the middle and no side flanges.

Had no choice but to clean and replace the original, although, it did not seem to be in poor condition.

All my research  shows that 1118695 or 1307891 (not my year) are compatible and for 19mm ARB with flats.  On the other hand, a ST220 bush is for a 22mm ARB but has side flanges.  And I cannot find a Ford OEM one, only a variety of expensive poly versions, which all asy, only for ST220, not compatible with other models.

So I am confused.  If I buy a ST220 bush, it will probably fit the ARB but will the clamp fit between the flanges?

My question, where can I find a 22mm diameter ARB bush without flats and with a hump?  Not even the Fords parts dept have an answer!!!

Thanks and toodle pip,





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