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What is your first hand experience with LED's for projector headlighs?


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I've been looking all over the place. Viewed tons of youtube videos on H7 LED reviews. bulbs from Osram, Philips & Aliexpress brands like Benevinsee, Auxito etc etc. But many videos are old, and i'm not interested in 20.000 lumen bulbs that'll just light bleed and get me pulled over.

So i wanted to hear some first hand experiences with LED Bulbs for the projector headlight.

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Think there's a sale on Philips Ultinon Essential G2 LED's as they're like half price atm.

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44 minutes ago, M4RC said:

The only ones with a proper plug and play design specially for the MK8:



Seems like a decent option, it's just that ~103€ is a bit much in my opinion. A non-UK based seller would be preferred.

I actually tried ordering from them a while back, the led blinkers, but they ended up having to refund me because there's a bug on their site where after it has calculated the vat, when it then adds the shipping, it then removes vat. Without the option to re-add it, which means you'll have to pay the vat and handling when it arrives in the EU because vat wasn't declared. They refunded me because they didn't want to pay the 24€ it would cost to clear customs. I then found the exact same LED blinkers on Aliexpress for 57$ including vat and shipping, needless to say i bought those instead.

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