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Puma modifications?????


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I know it's a relatively new model, and it's more geard towards the more mature person, but is there anyone on here that has modified their Puma yet.

I swore down to my missus that I was going to "leave this one alone" but I'm 57 year's old and I STILL haven't got rid of that modifying bug.

I think it's down to me thinking I need a unique model unlike the rest of the flock, that keeps me wanting more.

Also I've never had the performance version of the car I've always wanted, ie

Mondeo MK2 Zetec wanted ST 24 

 Focus Zetec S MK2.5 wanted Focus RS MK2.5

SEAT Leon FR mk3.5 wanted Leon Cupra MK3.5

Wanted a Puma ST but couldn't afford it (as usual) the performance models have always either been out of reach of my budget, or they've been to unpractical to own, being a one car family.

Did have a Capri 2.8 special back in the day but always want to create something different.

Can't wait to see what others will do to theirs, and will create a build thread of my own when I start.


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