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From Fiesta St To Fiesta Mk7 Titanium 1,25


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Hello from Finland ! No Fiesta related forums here in Finland so I joined yours :D Also, I always searched UK ST forums for some tips for ST tuning :P

I previously had a mildly tuned ST (K&N, Miltek exhaust, custom stripes over the car, Eibach springs + Bilstein B8 Sprint dampers, Magnecor leads + NGK plugs) and now I have mk7 Titanium with 1,25 litre engine.

I love the car, handles well and is also a lot more comfortable than the ST used to be :D well what a big surprise............ + coming from around 160 horsepower to 82 doesn't feel that bad and the engine is becoming better and better with more kilometres.

It surely doesn't feel like 1,25 in my opinion ! Great engine and can pull cornes in third gear easily. I have done around 1400 kilometres (870 Miles) and consumption is 6.6l/100km (43mpg) which is quite good, better than with ST :lol:

So the car is frozen white with mp39 pack (sony and automatic a/c)







Lovely car ! B)

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beautiful car,love the new cd player.....

have to agree about the engine,it certainly feels stronger than other similar engines (like the 1.2 engine in the corsa,or even the 1.3 in the suzuki swift)....

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I think the only thing i would love about having a lower spec model is the cheaper petrol bills/tax/insuranc/servicing and higher MPG.

But could i do it and not have the ST power under my right foot? Not anytime soon! :P

Glad your enjoying it though :)

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cheaper petrol bills was the biggest reason... oh well, of course it costs the same to fill the tank but don't have to do it so often :) But ye, a part of me wants the ST power back :lol:

And what comes to the sony system, I think it's great and improves the look of dashboard A LOT !!

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