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Changing The Cooling Fluid In A Mondeo Diesel Estate - 02 Plate


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I have a second hand Mondeo LX Diesel estate from 2002.

The fluid in the radiator is weak so with the winter coming on I decided to replace it.

While I was at it I had a look at the water pump drive belt and decided to replace that too.

Simple job for the owner mechanic?

Is it deliberately designed to force the owner to take it to the agent?!?

The drain plug for the radiator is a horizontal plastic stopper the size of 50p at the bottom rear off side end of the radiator.

It is immediately above the point where the engine sub-frame connects to the body, so it is impossible to get most normal tools near it.

The black plastic drain plug has a "X" of slots cut into it, so presumably there is a tool that can be poked up from below and used as a wrench?

Can I get one of these tools from somewhere?


Is there a trick of the trade that can screw out the plug using conventional tools to act as a wrench?

The drive belt has a tensioner with a small square hole at the top, presumably a square drive can be pushed into this hole,

the bolt through the tensioner can be loosened and the tensioner can then swivel to take the stress off the drive belt to allow its removal and replacement?

However the space between the spacer and the inlet tube to the Turbo is very narrow.

How big is the square hole: 5mm or 1/4 of an inch or some other measurement.

Is it possible to get a tool that fits - a sort of sawn off square Allen key or a very slim ratchet?

Does one have to remove the feed to the turbo to make more space?

Any advice would be most welcome.


PS I've made a full circle - I started my working life in a 105E Anglia and now I'm semi retired in a Mondeo.

(I will speak very quietly in case it is listening: This car has done 150K miles of trouble free motoring.

OMG that will have torn it) :unsure:

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if it was me i would forget the drain plug on the rad and undo the bottom hose of it will will do the same job just a bit easier.

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if it was me i would forget the drain plug on the rad and undo the bottom hose of it will will do the same job just a bit easier.

Thanks "big boss" for the idea; I too have done that in the past with other cars.

The Mondeo hose has one of those clip tool bands. In theory they too need a special tool or are a struggle, especially in a a confined space, with an appropriate "Mole" type grip. If I can get it off without damage to the rubber hose, I guess I could refit the hose with an appropriate size of "Jubilee" type clip and screw it tight.

Anyone got any more thoughts, especially on the drive belt tensioner?


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