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Slight Miss At 1800 To 2500 Rpm Plus Smoke


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hello all from dave

i have a problem with a mondeo 04 , it done 78000 miles and only done 30000 miles in the last 7 months

to start with it starts without any probs from cold or hot , it pulls very well wen the foot goes down but does tend to kick abit of smoke out (soot) but wen i get it near to 15000 to 25000 rpm on a criuseing speed ( lets say motorway at 70 in sixth gear at about 20000rpm it as a slight jugger but if i pick the speed up alittle that tends to go but then i get a slight feeling as if the engine wants to go and then not avery slight holding back but wen this happened and i look in the mirror with car headlights behind me there is a puff on smoke each time wen it holds bk and goes ..

but wen its well n truly warmed up it will smoke regardless in every gear,,, so i pulled over and got the wife to rev it while my hand was near the exhurst .. wen i moved my hand it was well and truly covered in soot ... i hve put injector cleaner in ,, put a cleaner through the air system help clear the egr but still it does it ... but there is a rattle wot i wud say is the injectors at low revs but as the revs go up it seems to go ...

as any of you fellow members had this problem and if so any idears on this .. cheers dave

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could be EGR or injectors.

any diagnostics been done?

Remember a perfect running engine will throw out some soot when revved. No real test as not under load.


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hello from dave ... yes i had a garage plug in a fault reader and no faults were found and even checked the egr to see if that was working and it seemed to .but they also sed it maybe not seating right wen not under a heavey load (cruising ) but wen i do rev it wen not moving in drive way and do it slow up to 2000rpm it still as this slight miss ,,

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Hi Bigdav

could be EGR valve.

there was a problem with this nodel from 2003 onward there is a modified EGR valve that stops this problem

excessive black smoke during acceleration & excessive diesel knock.


wish my engine would rev like that though(to many 0's) LOL

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it sounds liked a clogged or sticking egr valve. the best way to clean the valve is to remove it, you could also do the manifold at the same time, its a messy job to clean the valve but well worth it,see the following link,also check the intercooler pipe (large pipe on the bottom of the egr valve)for any splits.


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