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Focus Bonnet Lock Kit


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Hello i have just purchased a 2005 ford focus. The grill has been removed due to the bonnet lock mechinism not working.

The seller gave me the bonnet lock kit with the car (part number: 1343577).

Has any one fitted one of these? I understand i have to build the lock to fit my key but how to you do that?

How do i fit the white part to the catch?



I asked at a indy ford garage and they would not do it and goes its to fiddly of a job. Also does any one know where i can take it to get fitted at a good price in birmingham.

Any help will be greatly appreciated thanks

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There is a flimsy plastic rod between the lock and the latch, this often breaks or detaches and the bonnet can't be opened. However if you take off the undertray under the front bumper (about 8 screws and a few clips) you can reach up and may be able to reattach the rod. Or if it's broken but part of it is still attached to the latch you may be able to turn it by hand.

If you where supplied the whole kit, you could use the new plastic rod as a replacement. Hopefully it's not too complicated. Keep us updated on your progress.

Oh and problem has come up before this being a ford forum and all...link

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Thanks for the reply. The problem is i have never seen any lock attacthed to the bonnet because it was completly taken off when i brought the car. At the white end of the lock there is a star shape. But that does not fit onto the lacth (pic 2)

Ford dont supply instructions. Has any one ever done a fitting guide.

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My Key wouldn't open the bonnet of my Ford Focus 2 hatchback after I had tampered with the radiator grill!

After my Ford Focus 2 came back from a garage service, I noticed that the 2 bayonets on the lower edge of the radiator grill weren't seated properly , so I removed and reseated the grill. Although I only applied very gentle force on the black plastic cable comes out of the lock barrel that resides in the radiator grill, I had actually pulled the white piston loose in the white plastic cylinder that interfaces to the bonnet release latch. This was not obvious because the black grommet that covers the mouth of the white plastic cylinder was still in place.

I did the following:

Remove the black plastic bumper cover ( BPBC )


1. Unscrew one tork screw inside each of the front wheel arches that hold the BPBC

2. Remove 1 plastic screw in the middle of the BPBC

3. Slide the BPBC off two plastic spurs

4. Using two wide bladed chisels wrapped in soft cloth and WD40, prise the BPBC

away from the main (silver) colour-coded bumper.

Remove the black plastic floor plate ( FP )


1. Unscrew 5 or 6 tork screws that hold the FP and remove it.

Remove 6 plastic screws that fix a 30" wide blackcover plate (BCP)to the radiator grill as follows:


1. Lying on the ground in front of the car, reach up in front of the aluminium radiator

and cut through 6 "rawl plug nuts" using tin snips or wire cutters, that appear on the

lower side of the radiator grill.

2. Use a nail punch to push 6 screws up and out of their rawl plug nuts.

3. Using a wooden stick, push the edge of the BCP nearest the engine to force open two jaws that

hold it onto the radiator grill.

4. Standing in front of the car, gently pull out the BCP.

5. Wiggle the radiator grill to release the 2 bayonets that hold it in place then gently

pull the radiator grill until it is three inches clear.

6. Once the radiator grill has come out a few inches, release the metal lock barrel that

is held in place by two bayonet arms.

How to fix the white plastic cylinder that contains the white piston "anti-tamper" widget


1. Remove the black grommet cover from the white plastic cylinder by pressing on the

two black rubber spots on the side of white plastic cylinder and gently pulling it.

You will now see a black cable attached to a loose white "piston" that rotates freely and

can move to and fro inside the white plastic cylinder. Using either a wood dowel or wide bladed

screwdriver and a small piece of cloth to spread the shock evenly,

1. Turn the black cable anti-clockwise thus turning the white piston to the left.

2. Place the cloth onto the free floating white piston so that it touches against the

side of the black cable.

3. Hit the dowel gently with a hammer. The white piston should click into place and

it will no longer be "free-floating". Repeat this if necessary using more force

until the white piston is locked in position inside the white cylinder.

4. Test the lock with a key and you should see the latch arm moving -- YIPPEEE!

Reassemble the parts in reverse order, but make sure that the lock still works before

finally closing the bonnet!

The moral of this story is:

Whenever you remove the radiator grill from a Ford (Focus), you must release the metal

lock barrel from its housing as soon as you can see it, because the slightest tug on the black cable

will cause the white piston (anti-tamper widget) to break loose inside the white cylinder that

interface to the bonnet release latch.

If you feel really lucky, you could try inserting a very long, wide-bladed screw driver or

wooden dowel through the radiator grill and place its end onto the black grommet that covers the

white plastic cylinder so that it touches the side if the black cable that goes through the grommet.

A sharp blow to the dowel might do the trick!

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Take it to a Ford Dealer. They will build the lock and fit the kit in half an hour and give you a guarantee that they have done so properly.

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