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Fitting 3Rd Party Front Gogs


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I'm certain that this has been asked before, but here goes anyway.

I was given a set of 3rd party (DEPO) front fogs for my 03 Focus LX, so I thought all I would need is a suitable light switch (eBay) and the black plastic bezels that surround the lights in the bumper (eBay again). However, having taken off the original blanking covers and offered up the lights, it looks like I need another part. The light fits OK and there's a lug with a screw/bolt hole at the inner top corner of the light but this matches up with a larger square hole in the bumper moulding. I assume I'm missing a small spacer that goes into the square hole, and a screw/bolt to fasten the light.

If so, can anyone tell me if these are available - Ford dealer, presumably - and perhaps give me a part number.



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