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Hi All,

I'm a french guy, looking for some guidance/advice,

I have a 2013 S MAX 1.6 Ecoboost which has started encountering shuddering issues on charge/high acceleration. 

No check engine light, I have replaced Coils, Sparkplugs, used injection cleaner by fuel. There's no coolant and oil leaks, levels don't move from the max.

Changed turbo solenoid control valve and hoses, checked air injection hose's too, cleaned throttle body and intercooler. Replaced all air sensors.

I have checked the ECU, there's no DTC code and mode 6 OBD2 scan reveals  all tests ok.

Wondering what can do this "misfire like" effect, only when pressing hard the pedal.

When low accelerating no problems to reach 6500 rpm and no weird turbo noise.

Could it be the lambda  even if tests are ok, or maybe carbon clogged valves but idle is ok and not shaky at 750rpm ?

Heard about high pressure fuel pump but power is ok ?

Thanks for your help if anyone has an idea.

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Morning All,

Been driving my 2015 S-Max MKII 2.0T EcoBoost for the last 7 days and looking for some pointers and advice.

I'm used to auto's but this auto seems almost slow to react to my foot going down, is this just a characteristic i'll need to get used too?

Being the 240PS engine i imagined a slightly more potent reaction, could it just be size/weight of S-Max dulls the power?

I'm seeing white smoke on start up, the coolant level seems static, oil level reads okay and there is no milky residue in/on the oil. I've got the car booked in with a friendly mechanic for a once over to give me peace of mind.. I'm an ex company car driver so keen to keep my wallet/money in my own pocket.

I have downloaded FORScan and bought the OBD reader and used this, this morning. Is there any codes i should look out for?

Thanks all for any advice.


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Hi there, I have a 66 plate SMax Titatanium sport turbo petrol automatic which has just hit 40,000 miles.  I have recently felt the car is a little more shaky through the seat both when accelerating and braking.  It is up to date in terms of its annual service but I was led to believe by my local ford dealer that the gearbox needs a service at 40,000.  I rang another ford dealer who said they could do the work cheaper but when they looked at the car they said model doesn't have a filter so it cant be done.  As I had conflicting advice I rang a gearbox specialist who said he can change the oil on the external filter but that he wouldn't bother as the transmission is notoriously bad on these models and therefore an oil change wouldn't likely have any impact on whether it fails sooner rather than later (and he predicter sooner and advised I get rid of the car!)  Apparently it can be between 2 and 4K when the gearbox goes.

I am wondering whether or not anyone knows whether there are gearbox issues with this model as I am trying to ascertain whether to sell now whilst it is still working, or whether to get the oil changed or do nothing at all!  I know very little about cars so if anyone can offer any advice it would be much appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

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I have a 2010 s-max I've noticed there is water in the boot where spare would be I've looked at the rear of the back lights can't seem to find where the is coming from any ideas much appreciated 

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