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I stupidly washed my s-max key fob (is that what they are called - the keyless "key" which is eletronic) in the washing machine. the key has dried out now but it still does not work. is it fixable? if not, how do I get a new key please?



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First time brosing here as my S Max is giving us grief!

We bought the car in September 09, a 56 plate 2.0 TDCI Titanium with 40k on the clock, in December 09 the flywheel failed and ford replaced under the warranty provided.

Now 14 months and 10400 miles later the flywheel has failed again!!

My dealer are being quite helpful but advised me to talk to "Ford Customer Relations", I think they best comment the guy said was "Well you are the second owner of the vehicle and it is out of its original manufacturers warranty" I read that as you bought it second hand so its not our fault, so should you buy an "approved" used Ford vehicle???

I said I understand that it is out of its original warranty but it is a "new" genuine Ford replacement part that has failed not an original part from when the car was new.

Should a flywheel fail after 10400 miles????

He asked if I was going to accept the 50% contribution to the cost of the part, but when I said its £1400 and the part is not the expensive part he said thats all that was on offer and I would get a new warranty with the part, all well and good untill it fails again after 14 months!!!

I added that if they do not accept liabilty and help me out I would probably chop the car in and never buy a Ford again......

Customer relations my eye!!!

I also have the Turbo whistle, like a leak in an air pipe somewhere, the airbag light is on/off intermittently too.

Time to get shot me thinks............

Any one else had probs with the flywheel issue ???

That's a bit scary considering we've just had ours changed! The last one had failed and taken out the slave cylinder so as the box was off I ordered a new clutch kit. £500 in parts (at a massive discount!) alone :(

10k miles is ludicrous, maybe it hadn't been aligned or torqued properly?

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On 09/01/2009 at 8:49 PM, sobaka said:

Starting this thread so all the troubles you have can have an answer.

Does my 56 TDCi Zetec S-max have a battery back up sounder in its alarm system? The handbook states only that it could have one of four types . Thanks alan essex

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as i have found this Fourum, i can ask if anyone can help me. I have a S-Max 2,0 Titanum with a problem. There is a yello point above the Car in the Convers+. The Forscan tells me that there is a failiure in the Lightsystem on the left side. I have a complete new lamp inside and the failiure is still there.

Has anybody an idea what this failure is?

I must tell you first, that i am english-german and live in Germany.



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Hi, new to this.
Please help. 2007 s max, engine malfunction light comes on and can't accelerate. Turn the ignition off and back on and goes away, but yellow check engine light appears but drives normal. Got a c40168 dtc code. 

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On November 3, 2011 at 0:20 PM, martyntp said:


New to this and need some help/advice.

2006 Smax 2.0tdci titanium. Absolutely love it but recently had problems with starting the car. It turns over reluctantly and then eventually fires, will sometimes need to try twice before it does. Asked ford at last service, but they were not sure, said it could 1 of several things. Then this morning it would start at all. In the end wouldn't even turn over properly. Connected it up to jump start it and bingo eventually it fired. So I have replaced the battery and again wouldn't start, turned over a few times and then would even turn over at all. Jumped it again and it started. Took it for a run to give the battery some juice, got home left it for 15mins. Tried again and at first it would fire, tried again and it wouldn't even turn over, then tried again and eventually it started. Wife has taken it to work, but now just waiting for the call that says it wont start again. Any ideas anyone? Oh and to top it all off it keeps telling me that the ford keycode i have is incorrect on the stereo, wonderful!!!

Had similar problem and it turned out to be a faulty alternator

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Hi All

I'm looking for some guidance/advice, I own a 2012 S MAX 2.2 TDCI Titanium X which has started encountering starting issues when the engine is hot.  From cold the engine starts fine, but after the first start or after the car has been driven for a period of time, it won't start unless it has been stood for a period of time (normally a few hours).  It has been checked over by a dealer who said the battery was at fault, the new battery hasn't cured the fault......... An independent specialist has checked the injectors and suspects them to be partially blocked and leaking back excessively, they advised there is a known fault on the fuel pump, whereby the internals are breaking down, pushing swarf around the fuel system.  But why does the car start okay from cold?  Surely the issue would be present all of the time?  Now another garage have suggested the 'anti shudder valve', having read up on this it could cause starting issues, but again this should also be present from cold.

If anyone has advise or has experienced the same issue, any help would be appreciated.  We love the car, but right now all we want to do is trade it in and move away from the Ford brand.


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