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i bought a 2005 focus 1.6 tdci about 3 months ago and have had nothing but bother with it, the `st week of me having it i was over the moon with the running costs but since then its all went down hill!!! 1st problem was the ecu went so took it back to garage where it was bought and they took ecu out and sent it away to be reprogrammed by ford specialists, had it another week and my DPF filter got blocked, spent £120 getting it "rejuvinated" but still same problem so after weighing up my options i went for the DPF removal and remap. NOW there is a red (!) << like that on dashboard and once again its in limp mode!! any one know whats wrong or what i can do? cheers

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It sounds like the DPF delete hasn't worked, take it back to whoever mapped it and ask them to sort it out.

The ECU is obviously expecting certain pressure values from a sensor and is not liking what it hears.

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