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Andy H Dibley

Andy's Focus Zetec

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nice car, lovely blue, thinking of doing some similar mods to you

regards to the mpg im getting the same doing roughly 200 miles a week on motorway, aint got above 39 mpg yet :(

Cheers Vince, the colour was a bit key to me. I've always had a thing for blue cars, in particularly Fords, my first Mondeo was Amparo blue which when polished looked brillant, this seems to be the modern equivalent.

I'm on a big economy drive at the moment. Finding it interesting and frustrating at the same time. Remembering that you don't need your foot on the throttle all the time has become a big thing to get over. For example on a flat big of road, just occasionally dabbing the throttle to keep pace has a massive effect versus keeping some throttle open.

Swapped over my rear fog light to the clear LHD unit. Like the way it tidies the rear end up making everything symmetrical. Only thing I have to say about the Cree bulbs is I'm not 100% its any brighter than the filament bulb I had in there. Its definitely a whiter light... Might have to do the duel reverse light mod!

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yeh, i know what you mean, ive only had my cars 2 weeks now and the intention to just bury my foot is too much haha

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