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Focus 1.8 Tdci (2002) Not Cranking Over When Key Turned

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Hi all,

My Focus TDCi has developed a problem with starting which seems to be getting worse. when the key is turned to start position nothing happens. All the dash lights light go on and off as normal, but nothing from the starter. It can take several minutes of repeatedly trying to start it before it will suddenly crank and start as normal. It has been intermittent - some days fine.

It has had a recent new starter and battery. Will be properly investigating this weekend using testmeter but wondering if anyone else has experienced similar problems? Hopefully may just be bad connections to relay/solenoid/motor?


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sounds like either an earth problem or one of the conections on the starter is loose i,d be tempted to go for the earth first you say it is a new starter did the previous one give similar probs chances are there was nothing wrong with that one and just a earth problem run a earth laed from the starter to the neg on your battery and see if it cures the prob if it does there you go you can leave in place with no detramental effect .hope this helps

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