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Bon'jour - Howzit

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Hi and welcome to FOC :)

Not seen the Figo before, just googled it for more pics, it is like a love child of the MK6 and MK7!

I hope you enjoy being part of the community here.

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Welcome aboard the FOC!

Get yourself comfy, take a look for any

guides that might tickle your fancy, and join in with the best ranking

Ford forum out there!

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lol, you dont need to tell me, I work with a fella who is South African, when the response is "8 inches" no matter what the question, You get the hint ;)

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@jeeb :D :lol: yip

@ pree thanks fot the welcome

@DAN :rolleyes: thanks brov got a few mods in mind but stuff hear is hard / expensive to get.

yip i spent a few years in your wonderful country stayed in broxbourne love it there was :( when i had to leave my first motor there was an escourt wanted the cozzie but it was pricy, uk top blokes and very helpful miss the shows used to go to the japfest ( did i say that out loud lol had a few nissan).

oh how i miss the days there modding scene was wicked. hope i can get some stuffs for the F1 GO

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