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Help Please Poss Immobiliser Problem?


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Mk6 Fiesta 1.25 petrol 2004

So I was driving along then all of a sudden every warning lights come up on the dash including the immobiliser light wich is flashing fast. So I pull over and pop the bonnet everything seems ok water oil ect,

Then I get back in and try to start the car and it won't start it also won't bump start or jump Start all the warning lights are still on .

I have checked all the fuses and have tried to disconnect the battery for 20mins then reconnect put in radio code and still all tge warning lights are on and it won't start.

I have found a way to bypass it and get it started by pulling out the bottom relay under the glove box and plugging it back in fast whilst holding the key in the start position , this allows me to start and drive the car but with no speedo , no Rev counter and all the lights flashing this will do me for today but I need to find out the problem ASAP

Any help appreciated Thanks

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