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Problem With My Focus, Jumps When Accelerating


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Hello, recently my focus (Titanium TD1.8, 07 reg) has been jumping when accelerating quickly and climbing hills, generally starts when getting over 2500 revs and around 60mph but also at slower speeds when climbing hills.

It starts jumping/spluttering and sometimes some black smoke come out the exhaust.

Took it back to the garage I bought it from 10 months ago and they just said 'try changing the fuel filter'.

I travel 60 miles aday to and from work on both country roads and on A303 so a mixture of speeds.

Can anyone help? Has anyone been in my position?


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I'd get a test done on the injectors, could be one or more have gone faulty.

In the short term try running some injector cleaner through the fuel tank (such as BG244 or Wynns High Pressure 3)



Also when was the car last serviced and all filters changed?

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I changed my fuel filter (which was filled with crap and was really mucky, I was told that 'cheap' supermarket fuel can cause this and that branded fuel such as BP & Shell is better for cars).

It know runs like a dream, better acceleration, no more stuttering after 2000 revs! Bliss!

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