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Reverse Gear


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Thats it exactly, i just cant trust them to fix the problem. It just feels like they either cant be bothered or dont know what the problem is :(
I think its both Pooh, why dont you write to Ford of Britain HO Eagle way Warley essex,sounds like a job for Watchdog keep us posted but you shouldnt get that sort of service.

When i brought my Mondeo,if you let go of the steering wheel it went straight for the kerb, 5 times i took it back ,all i got was "we have checked the tracking and their is nothing wrong" one idiot even said to me.....their made that way, so if you fall asleep at the wheel ...it will go straight to the nearside instead of out into oncoming traffic,so I calmly said to him .so what happens when I drive in France then.it will go straight into the other cars.............no answer........... so i took it to a friend of mine who had his own repairshop and he told me that the front was fixed on a subframe which had to aligned correctly .or it will drift to the kerb.

went back told reception wanted to speak to the service manager and chief spanner monkey trying not to loose my feminine composure.and told them what I thought it was they were gob smacked .that i knew what i was talking about (which i didn't) 30 mins later .FIXED when i asked want it was. misalighed sub frame...... get some advice Pooh and tell them you WANT it fixed


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I have an 05 fusion it crunches into reverse somtimes.This said so did my Escort,Ka,Fiesta mk 1,2,3,4. Its fords they do it and evidently the next generation are going to as well.As for the 3 second rule thats been mentioned in all the handbooks over the years also.My Honda that was a !Removed! tin can nightmare also had a rule for reversing cant remember specifics but it also liked to crunch in to first as well as a special treat.Ive said this before on these pages we all keep buying them so they dont give a F**k. Best selling car for 5 mnths fiesta i belive to coin an old phrase "dont belive the hype" this fiesta is based on a mazda 2 sharing many parts guess what they do the same. We are a bunch of labled obssesed idoits who have to have the latest things and then realise weve been sold a bunch of !Removed!.The only way forward is keep this fiesta 15 yrs never visit a ford dealer get them serviced privatley, ford will be sending you letters begging you into dealerships. Yes im !Removed! off that we spend thousands of pounds on cars get treated like !Removed! and still go back 3 yrs later to buy another. By the way while you read this charities world wide need cash to stop death,disease,war and poverty killing millions and our gears crunch in reverse. DO SOMTHING ABOUT IT dont buy there !Removed!.Get prespective and get real the world f**kin needs us now.

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If it's of any help to anyone (not a cure though) but my other half has found that by; clutch pedal down , put it into 2nd gear then across into reverse and all is well, as said, doesn't cure the problem , but at least stops that horrible graunching / crunch business!!Cheers Pete

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I will try that, thanks :)

Had exactly the same problem with the exhaust sounded like a !Removed! tank coming up the street, and when I start it up it roars lol. I took it back to the dealership twice - was told it was perfectly normal as the ford exhaust now has a drainage hole which causes the blowing sound. I was made to feel an idiot by the mechanic. I hate the exhaust!!! I have also now discovered the insulation panel under the wiper mechanism under the bonnet is starting to come away on the passenger side. The seat flip latch also sticks. What the hell are we paying all this money for??? :blink:

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I had this on my last Fiesta, which was a mk6. Drove me mad to the point of despair until one day it just stopped. Well I think it was more the 20,000 miles I put on it than anything. Still !Removed! stupid though

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My MK6 crunched really really badly,

took it into ford, said it was totally normal and that i was hearing things ......

5 month and a lawyers letter down the line my clutch gets replaced free of charge and guess what .... no crunching! .... strange that i was just "hearing" things

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Had this on my MK6 as well, crunched every time, and has crunched a few times on my MK7, we also had a Ford Focus that really struggled to actually get into reverse

Must be a Ford thing!

No.....it must be you!

Mine doesn't do it and neither does Mrs Hedgepig's Sportka nor either of the two previous Kas she had.

Maybe we're just lucky.......... ;)

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I didn't mention the indicatiors Michelle, by then I'd had enough of being spoken to like I didn't understand anything.

He had the cheek to say maybe I wasn't putting the car in reverse properly. I have had a driving licence for 2 years, I do know how to drive.

This 3 second rule is ridiculous, he sat and explained to me exactly how the gearbox worked, then said it was normal for it to crunch...no i dont think so!

I'm glad you know what i'm talking about Michelle, you can feel it can't you?

This is a genuine Ford garage I took it to yes :( They basically said they couldnt identify the problem but couldnt take the gearbox apart as they werent allowed to when they didnt know what the problem was (bet this is to do with keeping within book time on jobs) my point is, they might have found the problem as im convinced there is something wrong. When it does this crunching noise I always worry it wont go back into reverse again or something and i'll be stuck in the middle of the road!

And I do have the IB5 gearbox yes...

I'm just really fed up, I didn't buy a car to get such rubbish customer service. Thinking of writing a complaint, do you think I should? Feel like I cant take my car back there now because I think they think I dont know anything when really I tell them the problem and they just dont seem to know how to fix it.

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Possibly because reverse gear is driven off first gear on the same layshaft. When you engage reverse gear there's a cog which slides into place and causes first gear to 'spin' the opposite way. The fact reverse gear is geared much higher (probably one rotation of the crankshaft to four rotations of the output shaft) is caused by the reverse gear cog which moves into place. Engaging first gear before going into reverse helps the teeth of reverse gear 'slide' and mate with first gear as they're likely to be spinning at the same speed. That's why if the car is moving and you try and engage reverse you're met with a nasty grind, the teeth can't mate together.

@Anyone interested,

The shaping of the teeth on the reverse gear cog are straight-cut, so that's why sometimes it will grind when engaging. All the other gears have different shaped teeth and are met with syncro-rings to ensure smooth engagement (and no double-clutching). It shouldn't do it if the car is stationary, and I would suggest it points to clutch (which could be sticking when you disengage it) or even the gearbox. But gearboxes are designed to take a lot of wear and tear, so they shouldn't need replacing/or be worn out with a brand new car! My Fiesta 1.25 is on the original gearbox, and the car has over 1/3 of the distance to the moon on the clock! It's fine and although I do experience occasional grinding it's probably just me and my old age!


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