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2003 ford focus 1.6 zetec automatic problem (need help)


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my missus has a 2003 ford focus 1.6 zetec automatic... now today me the missus and our 2 daughters went for a drive as we was driving the stereo turned off then the speedo, rev counter and gauges stopped working and it started to die so i pulled over in a bus stop and it cut out, tried to start it and it was as if it had a flat battery, got my father in law to give me a jump start and it fired up straight away so i jumped in it and drove away 2 mins later it goes again... so i got my father in law to run me to halford while the missus and kids waited in the car and £65 spent on a new battery and a 10mm spanner... fitted the battery now the car has no battery light when the ignigtion on

the engine turned off the voltage reads 12.4v with the engine running 11.2v but still i have no battery light whatsoever

now i know it could be the alternator but i dont want to go a buy one when it might not be that its just strange that i have no battery light now

has anyone got any ideas why i have no battery light atall and why its not charging???

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Could be just the bulb is blown, if I remember correctly the alternator needs to sense through the bulb to charge.

The associated wiring would of course give the same result if it had a break in it.

Or it could be the alternator itself.

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When the car stopped, did the part where it shows how many miles your car has done look like this:

-- -- --

-- -- --

Because judging what your saying, the same thing happened to me & it turned out to be the speedo sensor.

I could be wrong, but I thought it would be better to tell then keep quiet.

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