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rear drums to disc's??


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Hi guys.

Just realised today (don't know why) that the rear brakes on my "upcoming" fiesta will be drums instead of disc's.

My current Fiesta ST has all disc's, which i'm part exchanging. I just wanted to confirm that I am right in assuming that my Titanium x will definitely have rear drums?

If so,... can they be changed, there is so much online about replacing drums for discs but I'm after specifics. Where would you buy the parts from? What would the costs be? and would the cheapest way of doing it be with the dealer or local garage?

I have looked at so many photos of the new fiesta, and right this moment have one sat on my drive (Zetec S)... Bex!!!! and never really noticed that the rear's were not discs,...which I'm taking as a good thing. i want to know if there is an option to make mine a little unique...r! haha. (If your in Worcester, no your not allowed!!)

Any thoughts or experience OR if you've found the parts online.


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Yes it will definitely have drums.

Changing to discs would void the warranty on (probably) your entire brake system

If that doesn't bother you, then there will probably be a MK7 rear disc kit available over the next few months (third party)

Consider the brake balance and also your insurance. Both will need tweaking.

Would be a good upgrade! I am not a fan of drums, especially when the alloys make them so visible!

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