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Mk4 Fiesta - Rh Driveshaft Into Gearbox Issue

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My P-reg Fiesta Mk4 1.3 has total loss of drive. I've taken the RH (Drivers side) driveshaft out, and found that where the driveshaft goes into the gearbox, there's no sign of the splines on the gearbox side...


I'd already purchased a replacement driveshaft, but clearly that's not the issue...

Is this a fixed part of the gearbox, or can it be replaced independently? Looking at replacement gearboxes on eBay, they don't seem to have this part, which sticks out from the gearbox housing. The new driveshaft doesn't come with one - and in fact appears to be longer than the old driveshaft, as if it goe directly into the gearbox without this extra bit. I can't find this bit on its own.

The Haynes manual does show a photo of this bit that sticks out, but make little reference to it.

Am I making any sense? Any ideas where I should go next?

Thanks, Simon

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What you're looking at there is the CV joint that goes into the gearbox, looks like it has stripped the inside of the CV joint. You need to remove that out of your gearbox before you can fit your new driveshaft.

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Well, I finally got this 'stub' out of the diff this morning.


It's clearly a seperate part from the driveshaft.

The new driveshaft I've got is the same length as the old driveshaft+this stub, but then I hit the next problem - the bolt holes on the mounting for the intermediate bearing are too far apart.

I'm not going to be defeated by this, but I'm slowly losing the will to live...


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