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Focus Mk2.5 Parking Sensors


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My Focus which I have owned for about 2 months now has parking sensors but they have never worked.

There is no sound or signal when putting the car into reverse whatsoever. It's as if they aren't there.

Just wondering where would be the best place to begin to start diagnosing the problem?


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I have started getting this on and off sometimes i get the beep sometimes i dont. Im guessing something is wearing when you pop the car into reverse but not sure what :wacko:

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you could put the ignition on (don't start it) put into reverse and go walk around the back of the car and see if it beeps or get someone to do it

if that doesn't work, might not be earthed properly

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Does the reversing light come on? The sensors are tapped into the reversing light, so if that's buggered then the sensors might not work either.

Also check the fuses, I believe the sensors and reverse light each have one. The reverse light switch is attached to the gear box so that would also need checking, I'd try that first though..

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Thanks for the replies.

Put the car into reverse and the reverse bulb comes on so its not that. Can't seem to hear any noise coming from them at all though.

I had thought they were factory fitted but looking through the service history there's an invoice for fitting the parking sensors so they must be aftermarket I'm guessing after that.

How do I check the reverse light switch at the gearbox?

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If the light comes on, your switch is probably fine

Ideally, you need to find the control unit for the sensors.

No noise is either no power or just really, really quiet.

Look under your bumper and follow the wires. I'd take a guess that they're threaded through the NS reverse light grommit. If it was me who'd done the install, your box would be tucked in behind the NS boot side lining (it's conveniently located and reasonably well protected). I don't know where anyone else would have stuck it though...

Check that the unit is still wired in properly and see if there are any inline fuses.

The unit should have a feed from the reverse light wiring somewhere and an earthed wire.

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