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Rear Windscreen Wiper Fault


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I have a problem with my rear windscreen wiper. My faithful Focus is 2004 1.6 Trend LHD. All is well when I go to wash the rear windscreen, the pump sprays the cleaner on and the wipers go into action. If I leave the lever in the on position, the wiper should go on for one cyclebut basically it does its own thing, i.e. it can stop in any position and its distracting trying to get it to stop in a lower position so it doesn't obstruct my rear view. I thought it must be the motor, so, I took my mates motor off his Focus and put it on mine and it did the same thing, but its fine on his. There has got to be a timer or something similar hidden somewhere, HELP!!!!!!!!!!! ALK.

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Check the wires in the rubber conduit between the hatch and roof.

They have a habit of becoming brittle and snapping.

Add a bit of moisture and you have a nice short.

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If not the cables from the door to the car body within the rubber conduit, it could be a faulty relay which is hard wired onto the internals of the passenger footwell fuse box. It usually clicks loud enough for you to hear at the start of each phase of the intermittent wipe sequence, or at the start of the continuous wipe. If it is clicking while the wiper is half way across the screen, particularly when the wiper stops mid-wipe then it could be faulty.

Sadly the only fix for this is to replace the entire fuse box as the relay is non-servicable being permanantly soldered in place.

check out your local breakers for a replacement. I paid £40 for mine. Fixed! :-)

Hope this helps!


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