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Music Stopped Playing Via Bluetooth


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Without any warning or notice all of a sudden the music I was listening to from my phone stopped. I tried to play the music again but to no avail though there was a message stating phone disconnected even though my phone said different. I rebooted my phone and even reset the cars bluetooth through settings and re paired my phone but still no sound. There's no sound via the phone either but radio and CD play as normal.

Is there anything I can do or is it something a dealer can only do?

Your help would be most welcome.

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Well I had another go in the car and the same. The voice command wasn't working either as it wasn't listening to me. Anyway radio worked as did CD and NAV but music and phone didn't. I went into the menu and ticked a few boxes in the voice section then went radio again then CD then NAV then phone but when I went to end the call the cars screen froze as did the buttons on the headunit. I thought wtf so I turned the engine on and after about 30 secs the radio came on and I pressed for CD and that worked then I pressed AUX and music from my phone streamed through. All I can think of is my headunit threw a wobbler and it seems to be ok now though I forgot to test the voice command but phone works too.

What does disconnecting the battery and leaving it for 30 mins do? Can someone enlighten me please?

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