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6000cd radio not holding time/date


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I've just fitted an eBay bought 6000cd radio into my newly purchased 55 plate 2.0 Ghia and it won't remember the time/date after the radio is switched off but it does remember my radio presets.

I had to change fuse 112 to get power to the radio and also looked at fuse 104 which was intact. I wondered if perhaps the radio has an internal battery back up that may have gone flat while it's been out of the original car or I've just got a faulty radio? 

Also I noticed that the sound from the right side of the car Speakers is muffled compared to the left side so I've had to balance the unit unit heavily to the right to make it sound ok. Could that be the unit again or a fault with the right side Speakers


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This morning I have gone to my car and set up the time/date again and it seems to be holding now when I turn off the radio so I'm assuming there is an internal battery that has probably recharged overnight.

As for the Speakers I have fiddled about and found that LR & LF are working perfectly but RR isn't working at all and RF is just about working but not at full volume. I assume in the Ghia I only have four Speakers?

Could this be the new radio or broken wires or the Speakers themselves? If it is the speakers how involved is it getting the door cards off to look?

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