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What insurance company for a remap?


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When I get my ecoboost 125 next week I want to add a bluefin remap to it just for a bit of extra get up and go. I did a quick comparison site quote and the premium went up from £245 to well over £450! 

I will add I'm 51 with 13 years no claims discount but with one minor vandalism claim in 2014 for £400. Rear window was put through by my loving and caring ex! 

I'm sure that the price I had is extortionate compared to others. Which companies are more friendly to this type of mod? I have started to do a quick spreadsheet to compare all the companies and prices for bot standard and mapped prices. 

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Feel free to give us a call on the dedicated Ford Owners Club telephone number - simply FREEPHONE 0800 5876 315, or drop me a PM on here.

Adrian Flux Insurance have a number of modified-friendly insurance companies to find you a suitable policy.  Also mention you are a member of Ford Owners Club for a discount of up to 15%.

Kind Regards





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Hi Andrew,

Let me know how you get on. I have had my Fiesta ecoboost 125 since November last year and I am paying around £250 for insurance just now, also considering bluefin at some stage. I'd be interested in what you manage to get insured for with the remap or at least what the increase in premium was.

Cheers Brian

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I switched from a 1.25L 82bhp fiesta to a 1.0l 100ps ecoboost half way through my policy with Churchill. When I gave them the new car details they were only interested in engine size and not how powerful it is. I said its a smaller engine - 1.0L but its more powerful at 100PS and they said to me "that doesn't matter, we only go on engine size and not power" so if you remap to make it more powerful would they really be bothered?

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Ha ha Ha Ha car insurance and remap equals !Removed!.   Tried several myself most were between 500 to 700 and Lv wonted 720 pounds.  email Chris Knott and Adrain Flux for an quote over email, did I ever hear anything, like hell did I.    So if you do find someone with good level of cover, who wont screw their customers over good luck and let me know.   Don't forget to check trustpilot to see customer feedback,

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