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Mondeo Mk1 - no heating


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I've just bought a 1993, 56,000 from new Mondeo Mk1 base trim! Pic attached.

I've got a list of issues to deal with. I've had new lower wishbones fitted yesterday.

Highest at the moment is no heat in the car. Today I was fiddling with the fan speed control, pulled it off and the connector inside disappeared - looks like it has snapped off the heater control unit. I've begun to pull the dashboard apart to try and get at the controls.

What are the most likely causes of no heat? Do heater matrices fail much, should I be thinking of flushing it? Could it be a control/flap issue?

What would you do? (Don't say scrap it!)




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The knobs should come off anyway so that you can take trim panel off,then in behind is the control unit itself with all 3 controls attached to that. Question 1 is dose it work on any speed? Question 2 Have you checked the fuse to see if it is blown.?? Question 3 have you removed the trim panel to see if the switch is there?. When you turn switch can you feel any movement?

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Nice car! can you hear the fan kicking in? to remove the panel which houses the controlls you need to remove the radio  (2 screws behind it) and also the gear gaitor/ ashtray cig lighter (2 more screws)

i have a pair of mk1 4x4's myself :)

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Update on this - I took the dash apart and found the heater control unit in pieces - which explained a lot. Now have a 'new' unit from a breaker, and have to see if I can put it all back together again! I noticed there were no bulbs in this unit. I wonder if they had been replaced - and maybe with too high a wattage and basically caused the plastic to overheat....


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