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Sony Radio Code


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Hi I purchased a second fully working Sony DAB radio 2013 version, hadn't done my homework 100% and it's not the one for me so I have sold it back on. The buyer is asking for the original car chassis/vin to get the unlock code? Would it not be his car chassis/vin, or just the s/n off of the main radio unit I am giving him to get the code from Fords?


Any info to point him in the right direction to get the code would be much appreciated.

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Ah ok? Not the impression I was under from previous threads. I thought your cars factory fitted radio was matched at installation and that's why it can be taken out put back/ battery disconnected etc. But if it was to be put in another car, or another radio into my car it would need a code?

Not saying your not correct, I just wanted it clarified either way before I give the seller incorrect info that's all. If it doesn't need a code that would make life easier.

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I never had a problem on my Fiesta.

Just swapped it over and it didn't want any codes. As far as I know, people have done the same with the Focus.

I don't know where the idea of VIN came from, it might have even been from the manual, but Ford are known to put mistakes in their manuals...

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