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Which insurer?


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Yes, another one of those... :tongue:

I'll start by saying I can't use telephones, so needs to be one with online systems!!

Anyway, further regretting the remap on the Focus, I thought adding it to the premium midway was bad but the renewal quotes I'm getting are ridiculous.  Was supposed to have changed car by renewal but looks like that won't happen now unfortunately.  So any suggestions?  Car is a 1.6TDCi, standard except stage 1 remap.  I'm currently unemployed due to illness which doesn't help.  I'm 24 with 7 NCB, which should help.

I would like 'driving other cars' if possible, but I know it's often not until 25.



PS - Annoyingly a nearly new EcoBoost Fiesta would cost half as much to insure...madness!

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Try Direct line, LV and even the Co-Operative, I'm with LV and every time I call to tell them I've changed something on my car they grumble about it but never charge me extra although you get passed around a lot because they say they can't insure mods but can replacement OEM parts. I signed up online as I can't really do telephones either. 

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So, renewal is £471, surprisingly better than any I've found on comparison sites...  Not sure why that is! :unsure:

Was hoping it'd be more like £300 this year but doesn't look that way.

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I really don't do phones. :sad:

Guess they'd ask which company the cheaper quote is with though?  Not sure I've got any decent reasons for them to lower the price if all the details are correct?

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