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Mk 1 Bonnet Latch


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Hi, Every One, 

Removed the bonnet latch on my Mk1 today, the normal bonnet wont open reason, i found it quite easy to do after reading the comments on here, so thumbs up guys, before replacing the new one i checked the condition of the link between the grill and lock, i think this part is also shot, because it will only turn clockwise smoothly, anticlock wise its either a non starter or extremely hard to rotate, can any one point me to a web site where i can buy one, and do i get a new key with it, my one is showing a little bit of ware....

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hi, guys,

ive now got the new lock and a good lock barrel from a well known auction site, but, i have a strange situation when both are in place, whats happening is the whole lock barrel seems to move far too much, a better way to put it is, when i insert the key the barrel moves inwards into the lock, ive checked all the dimensions by comparing with the old parts and every thing seems to be the same. any thoughts fellas 

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are you sure you assembled the new barrel correctly, I cant remember how it was on the mk1.

I never had any trouble with mine it was a dream car compared to my mk2.5 its nothing but trouble, problem after problem.

Take a look at this video this chaps made, its a brilliant guide to building the barrel to fit your key.


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The barrel is and was made up, its from a breakers, just seems when both lock and barrel in situ the barrel will move front to back , to fix the problem it seems i need to insert a spacer , which doesnt seem right.

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