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2009 ford Mondeo clutch and Dmf change now smells horrendous


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Hello to everyone . Can anyone offer some advice , just had a clutch and Dmf change my ford on my 2009 ford Mondeo 2.0 tdci . It only had 40000 miles and the clutch was initially slipping in fourth and fifth gear between 1500/2500 rpm under load . 

Only had the car for 6 weeks so ford fixed under a used car warranty . 

The issue is I have just picked up the car and the burnt clutch smell is horrendous . Never smelt before and the car smells the drive out its that strong .

any ideas is this usual is there a bedding in period ???


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Well, it is unusual.

Are you sure that it is 'clutch smell'? If they've got oil all over the exhaust - and they will have, it is only really a matter of whether they've cleaned it up afterwards - that would also smell, but it will smell any time the engine is hot.

Most likely is that there is oil/hydraulic fluid on the clutch plate, and that probably will burn off, unless they've actually caused a leak.

Is it the case that the clutch no longer slips? At any rpm/load?

In any case, make sure that you tell them. You don't want to be going back to them in a few months with something related and them saying 'nothing to do with what we did, mate, completely separate fault..'. You want them to know that there is something not right now, just in case it gets worse.

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Thanks bof . Definitely clutch smell . Will probably give it a week and see if the smell goes . Didn't know if it was just because it was new but you can stand outside the car and it smells strong and the same if you put the air con / heater on .

lifted the bonnet and the smell is there . Clutch is now working fine . It wad slipping before and they said they have replaced the clutch and Dmf .

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I would take it back to the garage don't leave it a week do it now, at least phone them  and tell them about the problem IMHO something ain't right, never had a smell after a clutch change

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Been back to the garage and the technician showed me pictures of the clutch before that was in a right mess . Car was sold to me by trust ford around 6 weeks ago and had a mouldy smell that was from the air vents . Did everything to try and get rid off the smell changed pollen filter and the dealer put air con bombs in the same . I think they knew the clutch was going as when I took it for a test drive they had the vents closed and tried to sell me an extended warranty and when I didn't buy one they gave me three months . 

The clutch began to slip straight away and then for progressively worse mainly in 4th and 5th gear under load . 

The tech told me that dust had for everywhere in the bell housing and he did his best to clean it . When he replaced the clutch and Dmf he couldn't believe the smell . He says that he is prepared to take it apart and clean it again but I said that I would leave it for a couple of weeks first .

Car drives lovely though it's just the smell , stand by the front and the clutch smell is rancid . Lift the bonnet and it's worse . 

They gave me 2 years additional ford gold warranty for £360.00 apparently at cost . The only thing I'm thinking is could I be arsed with the myther it something happens again . I know I'm within my right to reject the car and initially said that I would but the business manager gave me all the usual assurances .

Does anyone with any technical knowledge know if this is usual and will the smell go , will anything be detrimental to the new clutch ie the dust left from the old one ?? 

Hope you can help

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