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New Android Head Unit


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Hi Everyone,


I am after some help after I have failed to resoolve my problem after installing my new head unit.


I have a 2009 Focus titanium Mk2.5 (face lift model)


My original head unit with the sat nav and bluetooth failed on me and I could not get it workng after checking everything i suspect it was a hardware failure as the instrument cluster light remained on when plugged in. Guessing it stopped receving some dat from the head unit to say it is off...

So purchased a replacement from Eonon link below - so far all good but apart from 3 thing which is a bit annoying me.



1. the illumination lights do not come on when I turn my headlights/sidelights on


2. the radio pre set sattions are not being saved after the unit is turned off and then on


3. radio reception is a bit poor



Can anyone help me figure out why...?


What i have done is on the head unit there is a ANT cable and the ACC cable which I have attached to a constant 12v supply (orange black thin cable top left of harness) and this still fails to work. checked with a voltmeter and it came back 12v even when engine iss off and the instrument cluster light went out


Illumination light i do not know where to look as all searches says this is managed by the canbus and there is none.


Also read somewhere both the illumination and ant power is managed by a canbus so does this mean it will never be fixed by myself..?


Am I doing something wrong or can anyone supply the wiring diagram of the ford harness.


Many Thanks in Advance.


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Where do you have the CAN bus decode connected to?

Presumably you have 5 and 6 connected to a permanent live feed, rather than something that switches on and off with ignition?

What type of antenna does your car have (active/passive, diversity or not, split dab/fm or unified, patch or roof whip antenna) and what have you done with it (both signal and power)?

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