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Noise when braking


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Just a few hours ago, I noticed an odd noise coming from what I think is the front passenger side. As far as I can tell, it only happens when braking and turning the wheel slightly.


The noise is very similar to that you get when parking on a steep hill with the handbrake on. That is probably the best way I can think of describing it.


Any idea what it could be?


EDIT: It doesn't happen everytime, it happens once or twice every few minutes.

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12 minutes ago, Russ said:

Brake pads worn down and metal to metal contact?

That's all I could think of but not sure.


This is my first car, had it for around 18 months and had no problems so far. Just as an indication what would you say that'd cost roughly to fix? Just an estimate is great.


Also if it was that, wouln't it make the noise everytime? This is sporadic at best.

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New pads and disks done yourself, somewhere around £60 for 'decent parts'  (depending where you buy them) and if you got a garage to do it, somewhere around £150 +  (again the price will vary depending wether it's a main dealer or small local garage)

If the spokes on your wheels are large enough take a look through them and see if you can see the brake pads to check how much material is left, failing that remove the wheel to look. 

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