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1.4 tdci diesel filter


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hey every one,

i am looking to change my fuel filter tomorrow its a 1.4 tdci 

but the one i have bought looks different to the one in the car

obviously i bought a cheapo cheapo one, don't have a go lol

so i just wanted to know if this is useable or if i should just go an buy another one

this is a picture of the on i have bought 


and here is a picture of the one in the car















as you can see they are both different i have a feeling that once i take it off the car then i can replace the internal cartridge but i have always thought this was a sealed unit

however id does claim to be compatible with my car but once i take it out it will be a pain in !Removed! to put it back in and bleed it just to drive to the shop to do it all again

the three tubes poking out of the new cartridge have threads on the inside of it

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The filter goes into the housing.

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thats the correct one, you can see the 2 of the 3 screws on your filter on the car.

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ah cheers guys that what i thought but i started to worry i had the wrong one, i just couldnt be bothered to go back to the shop

it seems like the 70hp version takes the one i bought but the 68 takes on like this

https://catalog.mann-filter.com/EU/eng/catalog/MANN-FILTER Katalog Europa/Vehicles/CARS %2B TRANSPORTERS/FORD/Fiesta VI/1.4 TDCi (T93618)/Fuel Filter/WK 939

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hey so i only got around to doing this today, it all went smoothly apart from this primer tool i bought at Halfords just wouldn't work

i was squidging it for ages so gave up and turned the key to the second mark a couple of times i have no idea if it did anything but it started first time so lucky me

after it ran a few mins i killed it took the pipe off and tried to get the primer to work again and it didn't suck out one drop from the filter

i dont know if its a dodgy primer tool or if somthing else if going on but i took it back for a refund aready

since this i reset the computer and i drove 106.5 miles averaged 63.8 mpg so it seems alright  

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also while i was changing the oil and stuff i noticed this little hole in the top, looks like brass threaded on the inside it looks as though there is something missing from here


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