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Hi guys. Any suggestions for brake pads and discs? Just need midrange ones for daily drive. She's just over 40k miles. 

Currently looking at Brembo pads and disc from carpartsforl3ss. About 60+ for both disc and pads. 


Point Blur_Jun032017_122555.jpg

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I a very pleased with the TRW disks and pads that I have just installed yesterday. Braking is definitely improved. Quality seems very good. The disks are painted black to prevent corrosion. Pads are made in a way so that they perform very good right off the bat with very little break in time.
Reading around on other forums it seems like people only have good things to say about TRW brakes. It also seems like they are OEM suppliers to some of the bigger car brands.

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I wasn't a fan of the cheap Brembo pads, they had a tendency to squeal and ultimately cracked due to heat. The cheap Mintex were better but eventually the friction material separated from the backing. Using EBC yellowstuff currently and they are fantastic, no squeal and can deal with whatever you throw at them. I guess you get what you pay for.

Discs are pretty much all the same so just stick to a decent brand and you'll be fine.

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