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New Fiesta Reviews are in.


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First impressions?.................Not really sure, although it's never easy going by a video & easier in the flesh. I quite like the dash layout, although the screen thingy is horrendous & in my opinion, cheapens the look. I didn't see anything wrong with the present one & think maybe they could have incorporated a sat nav instead. Looks wrong with the aerial placed to the rear of the roof too. Not too sure about the rear end & the light cluster, but maybe it would just take a bit of getting used to. Six speed gearbox is a bonus, as are the rear discs. Glad to see there is a colour option to the cup holder lighting. Haven't checked out the upholstery options, but the one featured in the Titanium video is awful. The extra dimensions don't really make much difference by the looks of things, but then that wouldn't bother me either way, as I will never be in the back seat anyway & the idea of me getting a 3 door was to deter having anyone else in the back either............lol


I suppose I am still appreciating my Zetec S, as I've only had it a couple of months & love it, but possibly, further down the line, the new version will grow on me.....But then that is only my view on the car & we all want or like different features.



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45 minutes ago, Jethro_Tull said:

I had to drive a new Kak  back from Leeds for a friend recently.  Wasn't a bad drive, and wasn't too cramped for my 6'5" 270lb frame. Not the nicest looking thing, but we don't buy hatches for their looks.

It's certainly come on a bit from the original Ka Gerald.

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