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Bluetooth USB Retrofit - IDS Required - North Yorkshire/North East Area


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Hi All,

Long time fiesta owner, First time poster.

I have recently acquired an 09 Reg Fiesta.

My bluetooth, Voice Control and AUX ports were not working (i had no USB port originally)

I presumed the module was faulty so i ordered a replacement 8M5T-19C112-AN module after reading the USB retrofit info threads.

The new module is installed and the voice control informs me i can use the new features but then just says "Not Possible" when i try to access them.

I am now trying to find someone with access to the Ford IDS software in order to program my car to allow the additional functionality of the module.

Is there anyone in North Yorkshire/North East (Ideally Bedale/Northallerton/Thirsk) on here with access to the software?

Thanks in advance,



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Managed to program the Central Config using FORScan.

All working Now :biggrin:

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I now have USB,iPod and BT Audio options. 

BT Audio has started working and shows the current track name from Spotify. 

I have Android Auto set to auto launch when connected to the car, which is why I wanted BT Audio. 

Haven't tested the USB port yet, I have a Mini B to A Female USB cable coming from amazon today so will check later but I don't see why it wouldn't work.

If it works i will look into getting the little parts to fit the factory USB port.

Will post an update later. 

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How much did the module cost you?

Interested in doing this myself, seems a no brainer when it gives you extra features.

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USB seems to work,

I updated my Bluetooth  module with the 2012 firmware update last night. 

I got the module from eBay prices are a bit all over the place, I paid £60 which seemed to be a good deal considering some of the other prices. 

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So just to confirm your car originally came with just bluetooth phone and aux, you replaced the module (because it was not working) and did you change the BVC-low setting to BVC-high using forscan?

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The car came with just bluetooth and Aux.

This wasn't working and i thought it was due to a faulty module so i put an offer in on an upgraded one as a replacement.

(I did fix it the night before my offer was accepted on eBay by pulling the 3 fuses that related to the radio and putting them back in)

In Forscan I changed all the settings i could find that related to bluetooth ,AUX, USB and iPod (I think i changed about 4 settings, all of which were quite obvious)

There was one for the radio unit which i changed to High non branded or something (Probably the BVC setting, i chose non branded as i do not have the Sony unit)

After programming the new options showed but didn't work, It did however start working a few minutes later.

Very happy with the end result, just need to buy the factory parts for adding the USB port next to the aux.

I currently just have a USB port poking out underneath the glove-box using a short Mini B to A Female cable.


Looking to get a Brodit mount for my phone next and wiring in a QuickCharge capable microusb. 


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Did you change these setting to the ones highlighted?

These are the only ones I can find that seem related.


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