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How Good Is The Focus 1.0l (125bhp) EcoBoost?


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10 hours ago, Liam40 said:

So you could safely say this little 1.0l 3 cylinder EcoBoost 125 engine in the Focus has lots of pulling power (torque) in low revs, mid revs and high revs?

Thanks again for all you comments in this post.


Very low down below about 1500rpm it doesn't have boost and if you try and pull away without revs it will vibrate a fair bit.

It's a good engine a good fit for the Focus. Has more character than the 1.5 ecoboost imo.

My parents had 3 great years with their 1.0 Focus estate, they only changed to a Kuga as they want to tow.

Please don't buy one without test driving though. Any Ford dealer should have a 1.0 Focus for you to try as they are so popular.

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Mine will be two years old in February, but next week will have 50k miles (I'm a super commuter as they say).  For what it's worth....this Ecoboost car is the best car I've owned, not just the best Focus I've owned (of which I've owned 5). For my type of driving the relatively modest power isn't an issue, and I've been able to be in the high 40s for MPG and even broke 50 MPG in two tanks this summer (in America the EPA rating is 30/40). It's quiet and well behaved, and has all the normal Focus traits we all love in abundance.  Now my best friend has a white 2017 himself largely as a consequence of mine. 

In the US it's harder to find manual cars, and when you do find them on lots with the heavy rebates like I did you rarely get much of a choice in color.  I'd have preferred a white, red, or blue candy hatch but ended up with a magnetic gray sedan which looks upscale and handsome, but that's my only real issue. Also the manual cars are all minimal spec, and now you can't even get the appearance package without the auto. I'd have also really liked Sync3 and the touchscreen and heated seats and LED DRLs, but what can ya do?

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Hey guys interested to see if anyone else has had this experience with the 1.0ltr Eco boost specifically 125bhp model but any others also interested in hearing about.

So I picked up my brand new Focus st line 1.0 eco boost this morning, decided to go a run to enjoy my first experience of my new car. Done about 80 odd miles and was on the way back home when I got a sudden warning “low oil pressure” phoned ford and they asked me to bring the car back in to the garage. Where tonight it remains under investigation I had only had 5 hours. Now I think that the car probably should of not been driven to them once I got that warning but it was there instructions to drive it too them so I did. I want to stress this is a brand new car with the miles i put on it today has anybody came across this problem before? The garage let slip that it was thoroughly checked oil levels etc before pick up so I’m at loss to understand what’s happened. I drove the car at max of 55mph today to break the engine in so I know it wasn’t put under any stress by me.

look forward to hearing you guys experience or thoughts?



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If there was actually low oil pressure or temporarily no oil pressure the problem may be caused by a defective variable ratio oil pump. Despite being rare I have heard of these problems a few times before. Another possible cause may be a defective oil pressure switch.

However be aware that the Focus MK4 has a different 1.0 ECOboost engine than the older Focus MK3/MK3.5. The 1.0 ECOboost that is installed into the MK4 is a further development of the older 1.0 ECOboost. Many things were changed only to improve fuel economy and emissions. 

In my opinion the new 1.0 ECOboost is not an improvement. As a result of all fuel economy and emission related modifications the engine runs less smooth than the old 1.0 ECOboost. It also makes a bit more noise as a result of the timing chain. The older 1.0 ECOboost did have a wetbelt which was considerably more quiet.

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4 hours ago, Focus4 said:

Hi. Where did you find the information that the new focus Mk4 1.0 ecoboost 125ps has a timing chain and not a belt? 

I knew about the chain from ford etis. 

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I've got a 2019 manual ford focus 1.0 ecoboost 125hp with 30.000km upon acquisition. The driving is sweet apart from getting a lot of feedback and vibrations when acceleraring in the gear knob and less in clutch and steering wheel. It didn't seem to be such a 'tractor' feeling on summer tires, now on winter the shakes are very pronounced. Are you experiencing the same?

A lot of people are pointing towars the engine mounts.



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I have a 2017 1.0 Eco Boost.  I love it.  The torque is basically between 2200 and 3200, much

lower than the 2.0 I had in 2015.  With the cruise on it walks right up the hills, and shifts

down seldom, certainly less than my 2.0 of my 2.3 fusion

Milieage good not superb.  Load, wind, a/c   32-38.  if I go say 65-67 mpg pushes 40

as an Amsoil dealer, I am comfortable the engine will last well

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