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GUIDE. Ford Focus MK3-3.5 Auto Headlights and Auto Wipers

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Ford Focus MK3-3.5 auto headlights.pdf

I have included most things I can remember when installing my sensor, however I have not include how I activated using forscan as if I say something wrong I could mess up your car. There are many people that will help with this as as far as I remember i just download Forscan, registered to forum for a license then downloaded a folder of files that need to go in the Forscan directory, they are like computer drivers which consist of all options for car, i.e auto lights/rain sensing wipers heated seats etc..

And I would like to give a huge THANKS TO Iantt and JW1982 for all there help when I was installing this feature

Re post for everyone as i couldnt find via search, hopefully i can help some more people out :-)

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