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Audio Pin Code

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Recently I bought Ford Mondeo 2004, V2.5, petrol. I had to change the battery, so PIN request came on the display of the audio system. I tried many things, found posted on the Internet, the only problem I couldn't solve is taking the radio out to look up the radio serial No. The question - Can PIN Code be found by VIN Code of my vehicle? If yes - how and where, if not - what do I do? Thanks a lot to all.

P.S. VIN - WF05XXGBB54A51776.





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The serial number is printed on a label on the radio casing and will start with either a V or a M.

To remove the radio you need four removal tools like this-


They go into the slots at the top and bottom of the radio with the flat part of the rings facing outwards.

Push them in until you feel them click into place then pull the radio out while applying outward pressire on the tools.

The radio will slide forward and you will normally see the label on the top of the radio.

You need to release the tools before you slide the radio back into place as they lock into the release mechanism, use a small screwdriver to move the spring clips out of the notches in the tools so they can be withdrawn (will be easy to see where to pry when looking at the clips).

If the radio is an M code then there are websites that do decoding or an app on iPod/iPhone is available.

If it's a V code then some sites will do them too but you may need to go to a Ford dealer with proof of car ownership so they can provide a code, the V codes are generated from Ford's own database.

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Thanks for your quick and promt reply. The main thing I forgot to tell is that I am from Kyrgyz Republic, formet Soviet Republic. Here we don't have Ford dealer. The nearest one is in Russia, who does not tell any info on the phone or by mail. I checked the tools you posted, but I don't think we could get stuff from e-bay. Can I use some kinda flat type pins? Or is it impossible to open without it's special tools?

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You might be able to push the clips using thin screwdrivers but will have to work out how to pull the radio out, maybe some thin plastic will work or a hook made from wire.

You should be able to obtain the code from the Internet.

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Is it possible at least looking at the picture, find out what series is this audio? V series or M series? Thanks

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