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Some Problems With My "new" (To Me) 2003 2.3 Ghia Galaxy

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Hi there all,

Just bought a new (to me) 2003 Galaxy Ghia 2.3.

I wonder if I could ask the assembled wisdom a few questions please?

1) Cambelt - What is the interval for replacement please?

2) I have peeled back the wiring in the o/s/r door jam and there are a load of broken wires in there. The window on that door doesn't work, but everything else does seem to - what would all these wires be for?

3) Air Con - despite a re-gas, it doesn't work. Before I spend a fortune, any ideas on the most common failures with this (has the separate controller for the rear and is all digital type.

4) Trip Computer - The display for this starts really bright - but when you've been driving for a bit, the display starts to dim so after about 20 mins it is almost unreadable. Is this lit with normal bulbs from behind or is it an LED display? Also, pressing the buttons on the end of the wiper stalk appears to do nothing at all - computer fault or stalk fault?

5) What kind of MPG should I be expecting?

Other than that the car's wonderful! Love it to bits.

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bit slow for info on galaxys,

try asking either



1. iirc you have a timming chain?

2. you have answered your own question,rejoin using solder/heat shrink.this is a common problem on these cars.

3. now this could be something simple???but ususaly it can be quite expensive to fix.

4. blind stag(no idea)

5. town driving itro 20-28 long journey up to 35 mpg ??

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